A Guide To The Types Of Area Rugs

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A Guide To The Types Of Area Rugs

Every time you think of decorating your home, whether it’s newly renovated or you just wanted to rearrange your furniture, area rugs should never be missed out. Heading to rug stores nearest you is also one of your options in case you needed or wanted an area rug replacement – which is easy, but choosing an area rug is your biggest challenge.

See there is a multitude of area rugs in the market and it is tricky when it comes to picking the “right” one versus the one that you “like”. You can always end up with what you like, but the moment you get home, your conscience will be telling you that you should have picked the right area rug. So in order to avoid being in this bewildering situation, here are the classifications of area rugs that you should know to avoid confusion.

The Various Classifications of Area Rugs

Rugs are divided into different shapes and size not because the maker just wanted it to be shaped that way, but because it has a purpose and there is an appropriate place or room for it.


The first question that you need to answer is “What shape of area rugs do I want?”.  Are you planning to a round rug for your round coffee table? Are you covering your hallway for a change? These and more questions will help you take home the right shape for your abode.


The most common area rug shape that you can find in most homes is the rectangular shaped floor cover. It has more than a dozen styles from a diversity of materials and designs.


The best area rug to cover your hallway is the runner. It instantly presents a clear walkway through any room or to just fill in any narrow or bare space.


If you wanted to highlight your living room or give character to space next to your sofa or bed the round area rugs can effortlessly transform any space into a focal point. Its dizzying design range is also going to be your challenge because they will all make you take them home.


The square area floor cover is the type that never runs out of patterns and designs. It can easily bring out the character of any room, any space that is near a furniture or even a doorway.

  • OVAL

If you wanted to cover a bare-lengthy space in your home, the oval area rug is what you need. It’s more versatile than the rectangular area rugs regardless of being cornerless.


If you wanted to give a room a different feel, the unique octagon-shaped floor cover will give that to you. It portrays a similar role to that of the round area floor rug. Its assets are the angles and straight design which offer you a lot of ideas where you can place it.


An area rug is also defined by its material and vice versa. The way it looks can come from various techniques, while others are specifically designed to stand out.

  • WOOL

One of the classic materials used in many prominent area rug designs like tufted, shag, in hand over and a lot more.


This kind of material can easily be molded into the various pattern, color, and shape. It has been used in common area floor rugs that proves the world how durable and stain-free their quality is.

  • JUTE

Talking about all natural, the jute material is making a statement about it. Its plant-based fiber is so strong that it can be formed into threads that creates durable area rugs.


If you’re a fan of soft fibers, the cotton area rugs are the perfect fit for your home. It compliments hardwood flooring because of its plain, strong and flexible characteristics.


The modern day rugs and carpets are now from the acrylic material which is a product of plastic. And because of that, they are stronger, stain-free, and can be designed and dyed just like the wool or cotton area rugs.


With the many kinds of area rugs popping in the market and online shops, the rugs on sale Alexandria is something every homeowner will never miss. The handful of area rug types will really make you overwhelming, but being well informed and aware of every detail of the product will help decide the best floor cover your room and your home in general really needs.

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