Up Close and Personal With Rug Designs

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Up Close and Personal With Rug Designs

Have you ever been curious about what the design on your area rug is all about? Like those traditional or area oriental rugs you’ve seen in the market, they all have these certain designs and symbols that will make you think about.

It is said that if you understand where a particular rug design has come from or what the symbol on it stands for, it means you already have the capacity to decipher the hidden message. It was to convey messages during the ancient time based on where you are from or what legion you belong. However, that tradition is now part of ancient history. Although, there are still some who uses rugs as a form of communication.

What Does Your Area Rug Say?

According to experts, the rug and carpet pattern is composed of three major elements –  repetition, unit and the system of an organization. Symbols or patterns are formed through rug weaving which is purposely used to convey or secure a message or ideas that will be passed on from one generation to the other.

Those who are an expert on rugs can easily tell whether a certain rug is Moroccan, Turkish, Oriental or Persian. In fact, even the time and place/country where the rug was made can be easily identified using those symbols or designs. But before you focus on the design put your attention first on the rugs color schemes.

The Rug Design Colour Definition

What makes you attracted to area rugs is their wide spectrum of hues and combination. Traditionally, rug weavers make use of these colors in order to send a message. That is why making use of colors is the most important detail than anything else.  Here are the most used shades in area rugs and their corresponding meaning:


  • The green shade is one of the most symbolic colors as it exhibits hope, paradise, renewal, and spring. It is also a holy color that represents the Prophet Mohammed. This is why weavers are very particular every time they make use of the color green.


  • Red, on the other hand, means fate, strength, attraction, cheerfulness, and happiness. If the rug weavers wish to convey a message that is related to any of these representations, they will be using the red color to impart it.


  • Brown is for fertility.


  • Blue represents self-mastery, strength, and wisdom. In Anatolia, they make use of the indigo plant to produce a blue-colored dye.


  • The yellow color embodies glory, sun, and power. This is the color tone used in an oriental rug as well as gold.


  • This color, however, specifies piety, humility, and loyalty.


  • As always, the color white represents peace, cleanliness, and purity of the human soul.


  • For the rug weavers, this shade means vague concepts or destruction. They only use this color to emphasize their rug motifs and designs.

How To Read The Symbols Like Rug Weavers

Do you know that rug symbol reading is a distinguished career in the Middle East and various cultures have developed in its skill that passes through generations? Even until this digital age the rug weavers still practice their weaving tradition and keeps nurturing their techniques.

It takes months to fully finished off a handmade rug which makes it one of the most prominent aftermaths in the weaving industry. It takes a lot of skills and patience to complete a rug and the weaving craft is considered to be a priceless heirloom that continues to be handed over to the next generation.

And because of its intricate process, handmade rugs are one of the most pricey area rugs in the market. According to expert weavers, they are not just weaving area rugs because it’s their profession, but they are also investing their emotions and ideas during the weaving process which in fact is not easy. This is where they make use of various colors, motifs, themes, and symbols just to impart their message. And of that idea is the birth of symbols on area rugs which many homeowners find really attractive.


Area rug making is a serious craft and cannot be designed digitally. It is a handmade product where its maker gives all of her thoughts, emotions, and ideas to share a positive and meaningful message to the world. If you wanted to have a piece of this priceless craft, you can visit any handmade rugs Virginia and be one of the lucky homeowners who get to have these valuable floor coverings.

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